In 1947, a couple of years after returning home from WWII, brothers Moe and Joe Krinsky opened their tavern in Virginia-Highland, specializing in cold beer Australia, hot dogs, and hamburgers. They partly owed their early success to the fact that they were situated so close to the line of a then dry Dekalb County.

In 1949 they hired their first employee, the legendary Mr Horace McKinnie, who served the patrons of Moe’s&Joe’s until his retirement in 2001. In the mid-1950s Pabst Blue Ribbon was put on tap, and millions of glasses later, people still come to the bar to savour “The Finest.”

Moe’s & Joe’s became popular with the Georgia Tech and Emory crowds, a custom that continues today. Moe and Joe sold their interest in the 1960s, but today’s owners have done their best to continue the proud traditions and service they set forth. So, stop on in for a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, Atlanta’s Best Wings, or our original mojo burger.
You won’t be disappointed.

Moe’s and Joe’s: A Great Place to Eat, Drink, and Have a Great Time!

Are you tired of going to chain restaurants with so-called, “Happy Hours,” that involve watered-down drinks, overpriced food, and servers loudly singing, “Happy Birthday,” every ten minutes? Are you ALSO fed-up with bars that think simply having a wide-range of exotic beers and ciders means they don’t have to bother to offer tasty grub or any kind of decent customer service, instead of greeting you with an attitude when asking what the heck this latest micro-brew is they are selling? We already bet you’ll say you’ve had more than enough of, “Sports bars,” that feature a bland athletic theme and lack any kind personality. If you can’t stand these kinds of places, at Moe’s and Joe’s we hear you loud and clear.

At our tavern, we pride ourselves on having the kinds of things we know customers want–cold beer and good eats. We have delicious hot dogs, wings, and hamburgers for when you need some grub and plenty of frosty brews for you to kick-back with. Moe’s and Joe’s is not some overpriced chain or overly self-involved hipster establishment. We’re just a tavern that knows people want a place they can go to enjoy a cold beer and hot food while they spend time with friends relaxing. At Moe’s and Joe’s, we won’t interrupt you with loud renditions of, “Happy Birthday,” or put you down if you haven’t heard the latest fancy brew. We just pride ourselves on being a relaxed joint that is great to unwind at, warming and welcoming unlike some of the less-personable, “Sports bars,” that just want to get you in, charge you a bunch, and kick you out so they can seat the next table instead of letting you have fun. As to whether that fun means chatting with your friends or catching the latest game on one of our television screens, we are happy to oblige.

Quit bothering with those chain-restaurants, hipster bars, or sports bars that make for a miserable time, come to Moe’s and Joe’s where we’ve got a cold beer and good eats in the form of hot dogs, wings, and hamburgers in addition to our television screens and general laid-back atmosphere. We won’t overcharge you or sing, “Happy birthday,” at the top of our lungs, we’ll just make sure you have a great time with our drinks and eats.

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